E-governance is one of government initiatives to provide data and information to the public through agency website. Public expect agencies to protect their data and information such as driver's license and residential information. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data, is the challenge in E-governance system.

During the last few years, state and non-state sponsored cyber threats have grown geometrically in terms of capability and effectiveness. The ability of deployed countermeasures to protect, defend and respond to these threats has been less than stellar in the case of some high profile government organizations. Large scale incursions and data exfiltrations have taken place. These gaps are not due to a lack of smart people or ongoing technology investments, but because a new approach is required to deal with the level of sophistication of current threat actors.

Q2 Government solution solves this problem for government organizations by offering a powerful infrastructure that records all the data across on the network and performs fully automated analyses of immense volumes of reconstructed network, application, and user traffic via our unique monitoring application. The application is specifically designed to provide specific and accurate threat alerts and in depth policy and regulatory compliance reports on a wide variety of categories pertinent to government agencies. For example, for the U.S. government, The application is tuned to focus on issues related to FISMA, NIST FIPS 200, SP-800-37, HSPD #12 and much more. The application distills highly sophisticated sets of complex network data and quickly highlights important government business concerns such as insider threats, data leakage, covert activities/channels, compromised hosts and malware activities.